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We are a company dedicated to develop solutions for industry, aiming to provide modern, practical and user-friendly solutions. Our team also offers a personalized follow-up to clarify doubts and ensure that the purchase satisfies the customer's needs.


Whatever the segment, before buying any product, consult our specialists and know the best solutions to equip properly and produce with maximum efficiency.

Technical assistance

Our technical team is made up of specialized and certified professionals, trained to assist all types of customers, from seamstresses to entrepreneurs, offering customized solutions to improve the maximum, efficiency and potential of the machines.


We guarantee the machines that we sell, with a team of specialized technicians, in order to meet the customers' requirements.

Parts & Accessories

In order for the sewing machines not to stop, or for them to go back to production, we have an original parts and accessories department, as well as hundreds of other items for the best known machine brands on the market.

Company presentation

Cutting room

In order for the sewing machines not to stop, or for them to go back to production, we have an original parts and accessories department, as well as hundreds of other items for the best known machine brands on the market.

  • Morgan Fusion Line

    The perfect integration of Morgan world: machines able to communicate...

  • Single ply cutting machine

    Ply 1 is the latest Morgan single ply cutting machine with unique performances…

  • Cutter Range

    A high quality range of automatic cutters. Fast, flexible, productive and precise…

  • Spreader Range

    The spreading machines are equipped with most advanced electronics and software developed ad hoc...

  • Loader Range

    Automatic systems especially created to properly feed the spreading machines…

  • Tables Range

    Different types of tables for the laying up, lay handling and stocking of textile…

  • Labellers

    Automatic, fast, economic and ecologic, they integrate in any cutting room…

  • Plotter

    Ultra-wide inkjet plotter, silent and able to satisfy any printing requirement…

Pleating Solutions

Wide range to meet all needs; from accordion pleats, box pleats, crystal pleats and many others.

All solutions are fully Industry 4.0 compliant, offering full automation and control via touch-screen displays and remote automation via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; utilization and operability statistics provided by a wide range of sensors and many other features.

All solutions are fully compliant with health, safety and environmental protection standards, and all machines are CE certified.



The largest range of software packages, perfectly integrated and highly customizable for the production optimization, the management of each machine functionalities, the assisted designing of garments and the automatic marker making for the cutting. All our software is designed for the present as well as for the future. It is in continuous development for further improvements, ready for new inputs and new integrations.

TIME SAVING: It helps and speeds the manual operations.
IMPROVES QUALITY: Flaw detection and chcks or print matching.
COMPATIBILITY: It uses standard ISO files and it can be installed on any spreading line.



COMPATIBILITY: Import of native files from most popular cad systems
ADDED VALUE: Automatic nesting included
ALL-INCLUSIVE FORMULA: All most advanced features included
EDUCATIONAL PACKAGE: Special for schools



MD COP is a unique, precious and essential tool to organize the cutting room and improve its efficiency, by optimizing the production resources (labour and fabric) of the department.


The realism is essential for an effective virtual fitting and it is obtained by taking special care of many details, in the accessories, in the background environments, but above all the in the movements, the facial expressions and the gestures of the avatar, while wearing the garments. In terms of virtual designing, the changes on the patterns are applied almost in real time to the 3D fitted garment.



FILC lean

Expert consulting service for productivity and efficiency improvement within a defined timeframe, involving accurate diagnosis, well-structured execution plan and team training by specialists.

Learn how to transform your business using the lean philosophy

FILC® Group through its FILC® Lean service helps companies achieve operational excellence by eliminating waste, streamlining flow, improving performance and, consequently, the quality of products and services.



Training and Programming Options

All types of companies can have custom training and consulting solutions designed to meet specific or unique business needs.

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